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Brocade Home

It’s a hard knock life. So kick up your feet on a luxe chenille ottoman and while away the hours. Not everyone can come home to a soft brocade cushion, take a sip, and let the day go. One of our customers gave it a go with this custom made chenille brocade ottoman.

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Victorian Sentimentality

Every once in a while we get a special piece of furniture that requires particular care and exacting measure. This sturdy antique Victorian chaise lounge was one such opportunity. The variety of angles, rises and crevices made it a challenging and rewarding experience for our team. But we knew that the decadent velvet chenille fabric would bring this exquisite piece of furniture back to its original pomp and splendor.

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Out Of The [Tie] Box

When an old client came in with a sly look in her eye, we knew we were in for something special. The worn side chair in her arms needed a new cushion, some updated fabric, and a coat of paint. But somehow, we knew she had something extra in mind.

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The Peacock Roams the House

Have you ever visited a tropical resort that boasts “wild” peacocks roaming the grounds? Even Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle has been known to let them wander on occasion. There really is something memorable about walking around a corner and finding yourself face-to-face with a fantastically adorned marvel of nature.

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For the Love of Fish

There is a place for a heavily textured fish fabric. But we’d venture to say that place probably isn’t in an otherwise well-appointed Newcastle den. Yes, the Mister of the house loves his largemouth bass. But yes, you can also find a place to celebrate your hobbies with smaller household items that are more interchangeable than large sitting chairs.

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A Crash Course in Coordination (No More Matchy-Matchies)

First of all: We fell in LOVE with this upholstery fabric! We’d upholster it onto just about anything. So when a new client came in and picked this-very-fabric, we knew it was a match made in heaven. Okay, to be specific, it wasn’t a match exactly. It was a coordination. 

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The Art of Whimsy

When we talk about the Art of Upholstery, we typically refer to the fine artistic elements of layout, texture and color. Upholstery is an art of detail. Each line, flourish, dot and flower must lay out straight; every ounce of batting must align as well as provide comfort…. What we don’t usually think of when we speak of the Art of Upholstery is the ability to use our wildest creative genius to concoct creative,

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Leave the Perfection to Us

Dining chairs are a common DIY project these days. And if the creativity strikes you, you should do it. We applaud your gumption! But if you or your spouse are looking for perfection, you may want to leave it to the professionals.

Look at the workmanship in these straight-backed dining chairs.

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The Upholsterer Opens Her Doors

Ever wonder what Guy Fieri or Rachael Ray cook for their loved ones on a Tuesday night? Curious to know what Mario Andretti drives around town, or even which operating system Bill Gates runs on his laptop? We can’t answer those questions for you, but in the spirit of brotherhood,

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The Wing Chair Goes Organic

When it comes to updating your home decor, no task is as eco-friendly as reupholstering a well-loved piece of furniture. Except, perhaps, reupholstering it with 100% organic, sustainable fabrics! Here at It’s Bout Time Upholstery, we are proud to offer green, eco-friendly fabric lines from the world-renowned brands you trust. 

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