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It’s All in the Family

With It’s Bout Time Upholstery on your team, you get fabulous results every time. Our experts have been perfecting our art for decades so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your cushions will come back superbly stuffed, your pillows perfectly plump, and your hardware solidly strong.

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Where Style Meets Function

It’s Bout Time Upholstery makes Custom Furniture that’s both stylish and functional!

Custom Textured Ottoman: For Feet

Bellevue patrons usually want one of three things when they order a custom ottoman: 1) They want an ottoman that will never be touched, much less used for feet (or worse – feet with shoes on!), 2) they want an ottoman that will actually be used as a table, with a decorative tray for holding beverages,

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It Started On a Summer Saturday….

If you’re ever tempted to reupholster your own furniture, look no further than this example. See the dilapidated love-seat bench below? This is what our customer found when he decided to reupholster his own decades-old settee for a “Saturday project” this summer. Unfortunately, he discovered a chair bottom that needed all new springs,

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Brocade Home

It’s a hard knock life. So kick up your feet on a luxe chenille ottoman and while away the hours. Not everyone can come home to a soft brocade cushion, take a sip, and let the day go. One of our customers gave it a go with this custom made chenille brocade ottoman.

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For Sale: Custom French Cotton Signature Ottoman

This brand-new custom built ottoman says it all. Literally. The French script wording is perfect for any provincial sitting room, or even that off-kitchen reading nook. It measures 23″ square on top, and is 17.5″ tall with the removable square walnut legs. We’re asking $350, and you’ll get the absolute finest craftsmanship in the Seattle area (it’s true,

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Not Your Everyday Nailhead Headboard

It’s okay. We know that not every brown headboard will match your bedding, your armoire, your curtains and your foot bench. It’s yet another reason to skip premade bed accoutrements and let us help you select that perfect shade that will tie the room together.

This fabulous king-sized bed sat alone in the middle of a large,

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Little Miss Muffet Sat on Her Tuffet…

The exact design of Miss Muffet’s tuffet is unknown, but our forefront designers agree that this delicate pincushion plaid constitutes a perfect perch for a quick afternoon snack!  Notice how the pleating and button detail integrate seamlessly into the pattern, while the thinly striped piping provides an understated contrast.

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Is Your Ottoman Looking a Little Worse for Wear?

If you like to kick your feet up, your ottoman may start to look worn before your other furniture. When your feet’s favorite companion starts to look shabby, just bring it in to It’s Bout Time Upholstery and we’ll give it a full tune up as part of our ottoman reupholstery service.

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Fill Out Large Spaces with Luxurious Ottomans

Do you ever feel like your living room needs more visual draw in the center of the room? Many of our clients find it challenging to come up with enough furniture to fill out their larger sitting rooms, living rooms, family rooms and play areas. We have found that a couple small ottomans and a large coffee table are the answer for many larger decorating spaces.

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