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What a Rip!

Bar stools take a real beating. Make them new again with Reupholstery services from It’s Bout Time Upholstery. Look what we can do!

For the Love of Fish

There is a place for a heavily textured fish fabric. But we’d venture to say that place probably isn’t in an otherwise well-appointed Newcastle den. Yes, the Mister of the house loves his largemouth bass. But yes, you can also find a place to celebrate your hobbies with smaller household items that are more interchangeable than large sitting chairs.

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Bringing Life to the Living Room

Sometimes a chair gets a chance at a second life, and a third, and a fourth. This comfortable living room chair became more than just furniture when it received a beautiful, personalized slipcover. Now it is the focal point of an exotic, textured space with hues of burnt cherry and deep jungle green.

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A Savvy Slipcover for the Nursery

If you have a baby, you know how important it can be to have a washable slipcover. This used Pottery Barn rocking chair needed a style makeover, but it also needed to be able to stand up to the kind of spills common in nurseries. A funky striped microfiber ensured easy,

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