Sold: Extra Long “Mohair” Sofa

When you’ve been around as long as we have, you get a feel for what’s needed inside Bellevue living rooms. Are you looking for a piece of furniture to fill out that one long wall that dwarfs every peice of art you buy? How about that open space that needs a cozy, unassuming line–one that separates living areas while inviting conversation?

Look no further.

8.5' wool velvet sofa

This luxurious custom-made elongated sofa boasts an impressive eight and a half feet of length! With typical depth and height (34″ x 27.5″), it isn’t oversized or overstuffed. We like to call it “just about right!”

We took the sturdy frame, added all new supports and springs, and crafted the piece from the inside out. We chose a decadent Robert Allen wool velvet upholstery fabric in color “Cocoa” with 100,000 double rubs (in English – it’ll withstand a lot of wear). The look and feel are reminiscent of mohair, without the designer price. At $1,900, you can probably afford that big, gorgeous painting you’ve been eyeing as well.

Call It’s Bout Time Upholstery at 425.747.8694 or leave us a message to purchase!

Update: This beautiful sofa has been sold!

Phone: 425.747.8694


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