Meet Our Holistic Workmanship

At It’s Bout Time Upholstery, we look at each piece of furniture holistically. We go beyond fabrics to understand the mechanics, the use and the look of each item we work on individually. We deliver the ideal balance of comfort, style and color for your unique item each time.

Any eye could see that the nineties-patterned fabric on this chair was washed out. But do you see the wear on the wood arms as well? Do you see the slight sag at the front of the seat? Our detailed technicians are able to restore your furniture even as we update it.



Not only did this simple wood-framed sitting chair receive a new Asian-inspired floral look, it also got new springs, fresh padding, and a new wood stain to complete the restoration process.

Bring your dated furniture to It’s Bout Time for a revamp and let us show you how we can bring your piece into perfect balance today.

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