What a Rip!

These barstools were all a rip! Unfortunately, poor fabric choices made these classic backed barstools wear out ahead of their time. Then, to add insult to injury, food and drink messes seeped into the padding, making them a true mess.

To renew them, we started by removing the fabric and damaged padding from the base up. Then we started from scratch. We love the fabric choice our client made. The classis picnic-style red check pattern suits her farmhouse-style kitchen to a T, and the new nailhead detail ties in with the footrests.



We’re happy to report that this time she chose a much higher quality fabric that will stand up to the onslaughts of all eight of her grandchildren! But for any time she wants to be extra careful—or even if she’s just in a different mood—she ordered additional slip covers (with matching welt) that can be placed on top of her reupholstered barstools.

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